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Stage Co Penrith Car Systems offer Immobalarm Antitheft Car Alarm products for all makes of vehicles
Car Alarms

Car Alarms

Immobalarm has been designed and developed using the latest Microprocessor and Smart FET technology to provide security, convenience and reliability for the new millennium with features that not only protect your vehicle and its contents but also its occupants.

Immobilisation - When the security system is set (automatic if passive ) the engine cannot be started and multiple immobilisation points with black wiring harness make it virtually impossible to overcome.
Piezo Shock Sensor - Detects any severe shock to the vehicle's body, glass, wheels fitted with lock nuts, or if an attempt is made to tow the vehicle.  It can be programmed to initially only Warn-Off the intended intruder.
Ultrasonic or Microwave Movement Sensor - Provides an invisible field to protect the inside of the vehicle and can be temporarily excluded by the remote key if required.
Visual Alarm Feature - When the alarm is triggered the indicators and dome light will flash alternately.
Backup Battery Siren - A secondary battery built into the siren housing powers the siren should the vehicle's battery be disconnected.
8 Sector Automatic Diagnostic System - Monitors the vehicle at all times giving warnings and/or reports if required.
Panic Feature - Provides a personal alarm for use while in range of vehicle.
Anti Hijack - Locks the vehicle's doors when vehicle is being driven i.e. to stop someone jumping in at traffic lights.
2 Stage Locking - Only unlocks the driver's door on first press of the remote key.
Dome Light Activation - Activates the interior dome light on deactivation of the security system.
Perimeter Lighting - Activates the indicators for 30 seconds to provide security lighting on activation of the security system.
Auto Rearm & Lock - Reactivates the security system and locks the doors if the system is accidentally deactivated.
Total Closure - Can be used to operate the central locking, close/open power windows and/or sunroof and operate electronic boot release functions from the remote keys.
Turbo Time Interface/Function - Allows the interfacing of the alarm to vehicles with Turbo Timers and can also act as a Turbo Timer.
Vehicle Tracking - Allows the interface of the alarm to Vehicle Tracking Devices.

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