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Stage Co Penrith offer a full range of Directed Mobile Entertainment systems for all makes of vehicles
Mobile Entertainment

Mobile Entertainment

There are numerous options to fitting Mobile Entertainment Systems in your vehicle
Please contact us to discuss your requirements and our qualified staff will assist
you in all areas of adding mobile entertainment to your vehicle.

Video - In a Vehicle near you

All-in-One Systems
All in One's are the hottest category in rear seat entertainment today. Directed Video has you covered with screen sizes ranging from 7" all the way to 17"! Our over head monitors feature a dockable media player that plays CD/DVD/MP3/JPG and can be viewed from a disk or a memory card. These systems come complete with FM transmitter and wireless headphone to either play the audio through the vehicle stereo for everyone to enjoy, or simply listen through the wireless headphones privately.

Directed Video monitors use only brand new, Grade-A LCD panels, for brilliant color, brightness and excellent off-axis viewing.

Now all new slot load DVD players with front panel displays. The universal DIN sized chassis make it easy to install in any vehicle and keep the factory look.

Directed headphones come in various types for single channel applications and dual channel applications. Wireless transmission technologies include Infrared and Radio Frequency for your absolute listening pleasure

The following image is a sample of a custom mobile entertainment system
 fitted in a FPV Super Pursuit Ute.

Custom Entertainment Unit with 15 TFT DVD/TV - Head Unit and Speakers

For more info - Contact Adam on -  02 4731 2499